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Fuyide Flax seed oil

Fuyide Flax seed oil
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Flax seed oil contains rich a-linolenic acid

Flax seed oil flax seed after squeezing by making oils, flax seed in China belongs to the traditional oil crops, flax seed oil just body in the deep mountains, nobody CARES, now people know it value. With oil flax plant in China for more than 600 years of cultural history, the main points of the north, northwest China's existing area to Inner Mongolia, shanxi, gansu, xinjiang four provinces largest production, jilin, hebei, shanxi, qinghai is the second smallest, and the southwest of the Tibet, yunnan, guizhou, sporadic farming. Is China's important economic crops, is also the main oil crops. Flax seed oil contains rich a-linolenic acid, is added linolenic acid good method.Inhibit the occurrence and metastasis of cancerAlpha, inhibit the generation of cancer: if the cancer on chronic disease of words, may have an objection. But the high cancer incidence, mortality, I'm afraid is recognized. Admittedly, lung cancer associated with smoking, but the flat epithelial cancer and lung adenocarcinoma is different, the latter has nothing to do with smoking, the increasing the main lung cancer is mainly adenocarcinoma. Recently, has clearly, if given chemical carcinogenic animals a large high linoleic acid corn oil of words, the lung cancer incidence increased. Also, breast, colorectal cancer, kidney, and pancreatic cancer is also for linoleic acid is superfluous and incidence increased. Give natural causes cancer in mice, safflower alpha linolenic acid when its incidence in turn decrease. In addition, the chemical causes cancer (DMBA, DMA) give infant rats, three weeks receie safflower feed, soybean oil feed, alpha linolenic acid, 36 weeks determine the incidence of breast cancer. The result is that, although all rats have breast cancer, but only in the number of each breast cancer, alpha linolenic acid at least. Give chemical causes cancer in rats, corn, safflower primrose oil and alpha linolenic acid oil flax seed oil incidence is still at least. B, inhibit metastasis of cancer: cancer most make people terrible place, is the problem of the transfer, although suddenly make cancer restorable is difficult, but if can restrain its transfer the case, is also a big victory. And at the moment, is an early resection, or local use anti-cancer agent, but the effect is not obvious. And by giving rats alpha linolenic acid (feed, ordinary feed experiments showed that, the omeiga (omega)-three series of alpha linolenic acid is another group of inhibition metastasis of cancer high 40%; Alpha linolenic acid can inhibit the occurrence and metastasis of cancer. Through the continuous animal experiments, lung cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, kidney, and pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer, esophageal cancer, skin cancer occurrence and transfer all and linoleic acid series about the intake. In conclusion for ω 6-can promote cancer series fatty acids and transfer, and alpha linolenic acid inhibit cancer and metastasis.Inhibit agingHuman ushered in an aging population, but it is difficult to define the to aging. Most researchers believe that aging can be divided into pathological aging and physiological aging. In fact the two strictly separate also be very difficult. In aged rats can learn to identify type experiments, the ZhengFanYing rate, alpha linolenic acid (than high. Repeated memory can keep experiment, is still alpha linolenic acid remains highly ZhengFanYing rate. Alzheimer's disease can be divided into thrombosis type and numerous causes alzheimer's by type two kinds. From epidemiology investigation see the former st. Alpha linolenic acid can improve the mice with intelligence can inhibit thrombosis diseases. As an example 4. In all, the alpha linolenic acid not only can prolong the life of stroke in rats, at the same time also can extend the life of the ordinary rat, and 12% longer than safflower. Along with the increase of age, people of red blood cells, platelets lipid EPA and DHA reduced and arachidonic acid (AA) increase, and increased formation of MDA and SOD activity increases, suggesting it has fight anile action. Alpha linolenic acid extend the service life of the reason I'm afraid not. As mentioned the inhibit thrombosis disease, inhibit the occurrence and metastasis of cancer, maintain normal blood pressure, inhibit cerebral hemorrhage disease, etc, all can be regarded as the role of extended life.Promote insulin secretion, extend the hypoglycemic effectAlpha linolenic acid can promote islet beta cells secrete insulin and protection in blood insulin the stability of the role. Can reduce the target cells and insulin resistance. With diabetes, the body fat within the decomposition acceleration, lipid metabolism rate a cause hematic fat heighten, causing vascular sclerosis, hyperglycemia, fatty liver disease, hypertension complications. In addition, excessive adipose decompose, produces ketones body, such as the use of more than the limit, a large accumulation in the body, can produce TongZheng acidosis. Alpha linolenic acid in the human body can adjust the lipid metabolism, restrain complications, reduce the risk of acid, ketone poisoning. At the same time alpha linolenic acid on the human body each organ and nervous system of protection to improve diabetes is helpful. To sum up, can come to the conclusion, alpha linolenic acid on brain function and function of the retina are highly protective effect, to the human body fat metabolism also play a crucial role. It can highly enhance intelligence, highly inhibit allergic reaction, inhibition of cerebral hemorrhage, fall hematic fat, fall blood pressure, inhibition of aging. It is also found that the disease can be because ω 6 fatty acids excess intake and series the rise in incidence rates or illness. And alpha linolenic acid to caress the normal growth and maintenance animal skin normal state is a must. Therefore, in order to prevent disease and chronic disease fat nutrition new guidelines should be: A, control saturated fatty acid and single not saturated fatty acid intake; B, reduce linoleic acid intake; Increase the alpha linolenic acid intake;Effect reducing weightFlax seed oil as much as possible from our diet all fat removed. Magazine articles, food distributors, and even some diet experts are warning us, all the fat are harmful to human body, eat any type of fat can make us fat. Want to know, not all the fat is this. Some fat, such as ω-3 series fat, the health is very useful, and it can help you reduce weight; And the other some fat, such as animal food of saturated fat and after the conversion of the fat food processing, are harmful to human beings, can make people fat. The best fat is ω fat: the omeiga (omega)-three, ω 6, ω-9. Some natural food containing [2] have the fat, such as some nuts, fish and flaxseed contain this extremely important fat. ω fat can suppress appetite, accelerate the metabolismOf wax flax seed oil identification methods: general flax seed oil placed in temperature is below zero after six hours, appear batt suspended shape; This material is to be "wax". Contains "wax" flax seed oil "wax" is of great harm to human body. Conversely, if not appear frozen batting shape suspended solids belong to a wax off the flax seed oil; Is the real natural, pure clean health oil.note

Fuyide Flax seed oil

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