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Fuyide Flax seed oil

Fuyide Flax seed oil
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Flax seed oil is the one big characteristic of low temperature processing, assure nutrition composition to obtain the biggest re

Flax seed oil flax seed after squeezing by making oils, flax seed in China belongs to the traditional oil crops, flax seed oil just body in the deep mountains, nobody CARES, now people know it value. With oil flax plant in China for more than 600 years of cultural history, the main points of the north, northwest China's existing area to Inner Mongolia, shanxi, gansu, xinjiang four provinces largest production, jilin, hebei, shanxi, qinghai is the second smallest, and the southwest of the Tibet, yunnan, guizhou, sporadic farming. Is China's important economic crops, is also the main oil crops. Flax seed oil contain is rich in a-linolenic acid, is added linolenic acid good method.Flax originated in the Middle East, the Mediterranean coast, for the annual herb, flax seed edible dates back to 5000 years ago in the southwest and the beauty of the rope does not reach the secret (Mesopot α mi alpha. At about 650 BC, the ancient greeks father of medicine-Hippocrates will record the medicinal USES of flax seed. In the han dynasty zhangqian DaWan expeditions will flax seed in the western regions in China from Inner Mongolia, ningxia and into the northwest region, so also say til. Flax seed in our country of origin of the main has six, respectively, gansu, Inner Mongolia, qinghai, xinjiang, heilongjiang and yunnan. Researchers in China in order to different origin flax seed medicinal materials on the quality evaluation, in order to alpha linolenic acid, linoleic acid to determine index, by gas chromatography method for the determination of the six in the content of the flax seed, to determine the best origin flax seed. Results in the six origin samples, alpha linolenic acid and linoleic acid content of an average of 45.17% and 21.19%, respectively, among them with gansu flax seed of alpha linolenic acid and linoleic acid content highest, were 53.20%, 25.70%. Flax seed oil to the pregnant women and babies and infants particularly good, so linseed oil is also commonly known as confined oil and smart oil.Flax seed in the unsaturated fatty acid in ω  3 series (α  linolenic acid) and ω  6 series (gamma-linolenic acid) than close (4~6) : 1. Flax seed oil contains 18 kinds of amino acids, of which more than 5% of the content of protein content of the amino acid from many to less, in order as glutamic acid (26.3%), aspartic acid (12.5%), arginine (11.8%), glycine (7%), leucine (6.8%), tryptophan (5.8%), alanine (5.4%), phenylalanine (5.3%), isoleucine (5.2%).Flax seed oil is the one big characteristic of low temperature processing, assure nutrition composition to obtain the biggest reserves. This is different from common market the one big characteristic of cooking oil. The following are some of the oil technology is introduced. The two basic cooking oil production process: leaching method, squeezing method, and the critical temperature extraction. 1, extracting method and squeezing method, the two methods is the difference between is: leaching method is by using solvent oil (6 light gasoline) will grease raw material after soaking, after high temperature extraction, after "the six take off" process (that is, degrease, degum, dehydration, decoloring, deodorization, take off acid) processing and become, the advantage is high yield efficiency, low production cost, but in the processing of serious damage in the oil nutrients. Squeezing law is to rely on physical pressure will be directly from the fuel oil of separation of whole process does not involve any chemical additive, and divided into hot pressing method and the method of cold pressing, hot pressing need material and stir-fry until done. The cold pressing process directly under natural conditions. Cold pressing to ensure the safety of the method of products, health, natural nutrition from damage, is the most ideal processing mode. But low yield efficiency and high cost. The market for more common oil extraction of oil. 2, low temperature subcritical extraction method. This method is not higher than in flax seed 40 degrees airtight system a time in the processing, complete retained the flax seed oil nutrition ingredient. In addition to cold pressing the advantages of the method with outside, still have haracteristicof high, can mass industrial production and reduce the waste of resources.16 big effect is also introduced brieflyIn recent years, the study and clinical trials to prove flax seed oil has the following functions: 1. The delicate skin bright improve skin fat content, and make skin more smooth, moist, soft and elastic, at the same time, make the skin breath and perspiration normal, reduce a variety of skin problems. 2. Reduce weight flax seed oil can use up the body of surplus fat, is that the health law reducing weight. 3. Improve the women before there are many women before the syndrome syndrome examples, such as dysmenorrhea, etc, all signs in eat every day the fresh flax seed oil disappear completely, of course, need to cooperate with vitamins and minerals. 4. The pressure ascension can reduce the three European meters body is generated when the pressure of the harmful material influence the biochemistry, stable emotion and keep calm attitude, reduce depression and insomnia. 5. Reduce allergic reaction the meters 3 can help ease the allergic reaction, but because the whole body to reorganize, will eliminate allergy to for a long time, and more comprehensive nutrition auxiliary. 6. Reduce asthma edible a few days later can significantly reduce asthma attack. 7. Improve arthritis experiments, the meters to the three treatment and prevent arthritis has great effect. 60% of patients who receive the meters rheumatism the 3 and 6 fatty acid treatment, can be completely stop eating a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and the other 20% can be time will nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs by half. 8. Improve organs organize inflammation of the three European m prevention organs have very great help to organize inflammation, including meningitis, tendinitis, tonsillitis, inflammation, gastritis, back to enteritis, colitis, artery inflammation, phlebitis, prostatic inflammation, kidney inflammation, spleen inflammation, hepatitis, pancreatitis, ear infection such as, and tinea and sores. 9. Lower cholesterol the meters 3 can reduce the high blood cholesterol and triglyceride 25% 65%, remove the excess of low density cholesterol (LDL) into a bile acid eliminated from the body. 10. Reduce cardiac load can reduce blood pressure, reduce the blood fat content, and at the same time, improve the unsaturated fatty acid level, improve blood concentration, reduce blood viscosity, keep the blood of liquidity, prevent blood essel blockages and related diseases. In addition, also can prevent blood clotting, prevention

Fuyide Flax seed oil

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