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Pressed walnut oil 250ml * 3 puzzle Bunao

Pressed walnut oil 250ml * 3 puzzle Bunao
Product Detailed
Fresh and pure, nutrient-rich, light taste, similar to breast milk fatty acid configuration, easily digested and absorbed

Walnut oil quality:

 Fresh and pure, nutrient-rich, light taste, similar to breast milk fatty acid configuration, easily digested and absorbed, developmental stages of children, women during pregnancy and postpartum recovery, senior health edible oil. The nutritional content of products: unsaturated fatty acid content ≥ 92%, linoleic acid Ω-6 ≥ 56%, linolenic acid Ω-3 ≥ 14%, rich in natural VA, VD and other nutrients. PH ≤ 0.5, light taste without smell, pure raw flavor, especially for baby delicate stomach.

Methods of food:

 Can directly mix raw baby milk, soy milk and all kinds of food supplement (add Egg, wonton dumplings, praise the soup, mix the baby can also be directly noodles, rice and other staple foods such as rice)

Recommended consumption:

 Children 6 months to eat every day 5ML

 6 --- 12 months: eat 10ML / day

 1 - 3 years old: eating 15ML / day (according to individual differences and family feeding other fats are added to increase the amount of use)

Walnut oil and child health:

1, brain puzzle, brain, increasing memory and promote brain and nervous system development

    Walnut oil in the plant of Ω-3, Ω-6 fatty acid content of 67%, essential fatty acids for the human body, the body's own synthesis, must be through food intake. α-linolenic acid and linoleic acid DHA DHA & ARA is the precursor, the ratio close to 1:6 easily absorbed, respectively, in the infant body into DHA and ARA; linolenic acid on fetal and infant brain, retina, skin and healthy development of renal function is very important. Meanwhile, walnut oil rich in phospholipids, can increase cell activity, can improve memory and intelligence, is an important Bunao elements, but also the baby brain development and visual function necessary nutrients. Zinc, manganese and other key components of the composition of the pituitary gland. (Plant-derived Ω-3 fatty acids not converted to EPA.)

2, to promote retinal development

Walnut oil is rich in natural linolenic acid and vitamin A, these two nutrients important in the development of the retina. Prevent night blindness and vision loss, contribute to a variety of diseases of the eye treatment (vitamin A can promote the formation of ocular photopigment).

3, the absorption of calcium to help bone growth promoting

Rich in natural vitamins A, D - can promote calcium absorption to help the growth of bones and teeth.

4, to protect the stomach, laxative, nourish the heart

Walnut oil contains large amounts of unsaturated fatty acids, due to low acidity \ and the new non-polluting, can reduce the buffering power of the baby stomach, internal organs will not be a burden on the baby. Configuration close to the breast milk fatty acids and Ω-3, Ω-6 fatty acid ratio of 1:6 easily digested and absorbed by the baby. Which linoleic acid can be laxative

5, to promote hair growth

Walnut oil is rich in nutrients, brain development, while promoting the growth of hair

6, prevention and mitigation of skin eczema

Walnut oil in linoleic acid and linolenic acid with anti-inflammatory to ease eczema and dermatitis, and the role of prevention

7, to promote growth and development, balancing metabolism

Walnut oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and natural vitamins and trace elements can promote growth and development of the baby, balance metabolism


The phenomenon of baby constipation can be eaten raw morning fasting according to age from less to more. Served raw baby needs to eat in the morning before the milk feed. The beginning of three days or so a day is recommended to take 1ML to observe whether the baby to adapt.

And then gradually increase according to age.

 Up to 5ML fasting raw food can be completed each time after opening the lid to be sealed refrigeration to avoid direct light, used within 2 months.

 Walnut oil with natural plant vitamins A, D component, the recommended consumption of cod liver oil can reduce the dose.

Effect of walnut oil:

1 enhance immunity, anti-aging

(2) regulation of human cholesterol

3 brain, the brain and nervous system to promote the development, promotion of retinal development

4 laxative, improve sleep

5 promote bone, teeth and hair growth

6 kidney and liver, to protect the prostate

Pressed walnut oil 250ml * 3 puzzle Bunao

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